10 Best Architecture Web Design Firms

Similarly, the inner pages also look stunning with quality images added to it and the visual hierarchy and white space. Establish and grow your business with an intuitive website with advanced features. If you’re an architect looking for inspiration to look into, you’ve just landed in the right place! Archi-Graphi is a great architecture website design that can kindle the interest of fellow architects. Specifically, the website is built with features that can make the brand shine.

Patchwork Architecture has a wide range of experience, on jobs large and small, residential and commercial. It exists to help clients create beautiful, efficient, and economic spaces to suit purpose and location. The extraordinary works of the firm are presented in an asymmetrical layout coupled with white space and an amazing hover effect. Similarly, the website’s inner pages also have stunning designs with cool and subtle animation upon scrolling.

To navigate the website, it uses the off-canvas menu where it provides access to the projects and agency/team of experts . It doesn’t have much to say but their works are enough to engage the potential clients. Feast your eyes with these super creative architecture website designs that have the power to kindle the interest of every skilled architect. Pelizzari is one of the amazing websites you shouldn’t miss checking.

Conduct User Research To Understand Your Users

Along with the IA template, you will find a link to Google Docs where Alex Gilev outlined IA architecture on a real project from the past. The Visio stencils, a name given by author Nick Finck, were designed to aid the work of information architects. Thus, it’s important to familiarize yourself with common IA practices before trying to use these stencils.

Architecture in Web Design

As soon as you have a navigation design, you need to see how pages/screen will work in relation to each other. Wireframing helps to create a simplified and schematic visual representation of a layout for digital products. Wireframes are similar to architectural blueprints- they are low-fidelity mockups that show a project structure and connections between its parts. Wireframes are focused on the structure, not the visual and emotional perception of the details; that’s why it’s important to keep them simple. Once you have wireframes, you can connect them into the user flows and evaluate user interactions with a website.

Ixo Architecture

When choosing one of our architecture website designs, think about what you want your website to do for you. Once you have identified what your users need, its time to discover what your stakeholders need. The goal of information architects is to come up with a structure and design that balances the users’ needs with business needs. Get a clear understanding of what the business requirements are and list them with the appropriate metrics and KPIs. The earlier the purpose and goals are defined clearly, the easier it is to stay focused and confident in your work. However, by choosing a specific architecture web design, you’ll get a website that has been designed with your needs in mind.

They are adept in delivering exceptional public and private environments. With a fully functional and creative website, it’s ready to spread its brand awareness. The homepage manifests a beautiful, asymmetrical layout with high-quality images that adds aesthetic features. The sleek slider highlights the previous projects of Measured with an attractive CTA and names on the sidebar, along with a sticky menu in the header. Moreover, the news section also looks gorgeous and the newsletter subscription.

From smooth sliders, awesome hover effect, animation upon scrolling to white space and off-canvas menu, they’re altogether excellent and add elegance to the overall design. That’s not all, other pages are as impressive as the homepage, too so it’s not just a mere architecture portfolio. Building a website is not about visually appealing designs but functionality. However, as most people look at appearance, it would be best to have a well-designed website for brand promotion.

  • When you work on navigation design, you need to define a structure for your navigation system and write a proper label for each navigation option.
  • Maadi Group has an extremely impressive design that embraces the awesomeness of GSAP animation.
  • The Visio stencils, a name given by author Nick Finck, were designed to aid the work of information architects.
  • The works of an architect are truly beyond the looks of the buildings they design.
  • That’s why it’s important to invest in creating good IA and use tools that will allow you to introduce changes without much effort.

Mareines Arquitetura is a studio that seeks innovative solutions to different businesses needs. Its website has creative elements combined to showcase its expertise in architecture. The homepage appears magnificent with the simple and subtle animation using the GSAP animation. The visitor can easily scroll Architecture in Web Design down the page, and each section is revealed smoothly via the slider with CTAs for viewing the project and quality images. While the scrolling is innovative, a visitor can use the off-canvas menu to access other necessary pages. The inside pages also have ample images to showcase with awesome white space.

Web Designs By Website Type

As soon as you have the results of card sorting activities, you will understand how your target audience classifies the content. When you work on navigation design, you need to define a structure for your navigation system and write a proper label for each navigation option. This will help you understand what options you have and in what order you might want to present them to your visitors/users. A content audit is a process of evaluating content usefulness, accuracy, and overall effectiveness. The usefulness of content is evaluated in terms of value that it provides for users.

From planning, designing, and constructing buildings, architects have the skills to make such projects safe as well as aesthetically appealing. Maman-Corp exists to build spaces and create environments where teams can grow, thrive and innovate. In like manner, this architecture firm has customized solutions for new construction, additions, and renovations.

Best Architecture Website Design Examples

Most websites today have creative designs that can make the brand shine. Ortiz Leon has a modern architecture website design perfect for inspiration. Being one of Europe’s leading architecture firms that provides grandeur services for clients in both public and private sectors, it has built a website with innovative web elements. Taking advantage of GSAP animation, the homepage is extremely impressive.

Meanwhile, the website also comes with a nice and simple menu, so it’s easier for a potential client to explore the studio, services, projects, and insights. Check out other useful features you can acquire with this inspiration. Promote your architectural services and unlock more opportunities for your brand to excel in the industry with a great website. Here’s Mason Group, an architectural and construction company specializing in designing and constructing premium-level facilities. It has a striking architecture website design that can enhance the firm’s credibility and arouse the interest of other architects. The homepage showcases big projects through the use of a smooth slider.

It utilizes the fullscreen layout on the homepage with bold headline, and filtered image. As the user scrolls, the website transitions to the next project horizontally. It also presents the projects more appealing with grids and displays the real project upon hover.

Architecture in Web Design

Don’t miss these architecture website designs that can inspire fellow architects worldwide. So better jot down the features you’d love to implement on your upcoming website project. Maadi Group has an extremely impressive design that embraces the awesomeness of GSAP animation. It exists to provide the most advanced structural designs and building solutions to clients. The hero header has a nice design with CTAs, images, and sliders to improve the look and feel of the site.

Unlock more opportunities and shine in the highly competitive market with a great architecture website design. Archi Site Mobius is a potential inspiration to examine for fellow architects. It seeks https://globalcloudteam.com/ to create spaces with serenity and is excited to share their expertise through its website. Like most innovative websites today, ASM utilizes the popular GSAP animation in the project exhibition.

Principal Studio

This firm appears ready to shine in the architecture industry with greater emphasis on professionalism, accuracy, punctuality, and privacy. Its website has a simple homepage design but says a lot about its expertise. The design is simple but comprehensive and innovative with the integration of GSAP animation.

Information architects use them to develop detailed navigational and interface requirements for each page. Dribbble is the world’s leading community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired. The process flow stencil will help you create flowcharts or diagrams to explain and define a process within a web site, a web application, software, or system. I give my consent to to be in touch with me via email using the information I have provided in this form for the purpose of news, updates and marketing.

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Choosing an architecture website design will make it easier for you to achieve your goals. It’s a well-known fact that design work is never truly done, and that’s especially true for information architecture. IA is a living and breathing organism that adapts to the rapidly changing environment. That’s why it’s important to invest in creating good IA and use tools that will allow you to introduce changes without much effort. Before you start constructing a layout of the product, you need to understand what elements your website will consist of. Conducting a content inventory will help you locate and identify the existing site content.

Write user stories and evaluate your content organization and design on how they work for real people and their tasks. The answer to this question will help you prioritize your activities. For example, when you design a new site, you need to invest more time in understanding the business and your user’s needs.

Architecture Website

The website reveals the capabilities of this firm when it comes to architectural design. The homepage highlights the amazing projects by using a nice slider but retains the menu, logo, social network links, and contact number. Furthermore, the project page is extremely impressive as it utilizes the masonry layout to present the images of their works. Well, businesses must understand the value of aesthetically built buildings. IXO Architecture has an excellent architecture website design that can enhance the creativity of every architect when it comes to building their website.